Holding On To Hope

Life friendships should be cherished

Missed My Guess!

I was listening to a demo tape from some band I’d never heard of. The manager lived next door to the bartender’s cousin, or something like that, anyway they had come to me. I didn’t mind, new talent was often cheaper than then bands with a following. I could probably get these guys for free drinks and a percent of the door. That would be a good deal if they had any talent. Their manager was trying to act all cool, like he did this everyday. I could tell he was not a professional, probably a friend or relative of a band member.

‘ So what do you think? ‘ he asked.

I paused, ‘ They really lack soul,’ I said. ‘ I think you need a saxophone player, try that and call me in a couple of weeks.’

Boy was I wrong! The went on to be a number one band just the way the were.

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Proper Use of Cotton Swabs

While many non-medical people recommend cotton swabs for the purpose of ear wax removal Manchester, it runs the risk of piercing the ear drum or driving wax further into the ear. Rather than using them to clean out wax, here are two alternative uses for these surprisingly useful items.

  • If you are fond of a certain perfume, spray a few cotton swabs with your scent of choice and store them in a plastic bag. This is economical for your purse’s space and can even help you ration out that scent.
  • Pair a swab with rubbing alcohol and you have the perfect tool for cleaning the parts of a media disc where the laser passes over in order to read data. This method is also commonly used in the cleansing of game cartridges by them over the connector pins that the retro gaming system uses to read the cart.

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Planning a Wedding

My wedding is in October and I could not be more excited to be marrying the father to my son and the love of my life. However planning a wedding is tough! There are a lot of variables and details that go into planning a wedding that I was not aware of. So far I have my venue booked, my bakery and cake picked out, buffet menu in place, and purchased my shoes. I plan on losing a few extra pounds before I even begin to look at dresses.

My next big vendor to work with: the florist Harrogate. I checked out some websites of local businesses to decide who had the arrangements I liked the most. I found a flower shop who has used orchids in their bouquets. Naturally, that is the one I had to go with since orchids are my favorite! I can’t wait to get to work planning my bouquet!

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You rang?

Ring-a-ling, ring-a-ling, RING-A-LING?! As I am sitting in my friends home enjoying a sunny afternoon, and great conversation, I hear the phone ring over and over again in the background. The first time this happens I just assume she doesn’t want to interrupt our talking so lets it go to the answering machine. But just seconds later the phone rings again and she acts like she doesn’t even hear it. Again, I assume she is just being polite so I don’t say anything. But when that ring-a-ling happens for a third time, I ever so gently ask, “Did you need to get that call”? WOW! I did not expect the outburst that came after that from my friend. She let me know loud and clear that she does not need a hearing aid and that I should not be accusing her of not being able to hear. After a few minutes of back and forth, I settled into the idea that she is not aware, or is in denial, of her loss of hearing. In the future I will just keep quiet, and subtly leave her some information about getting hearing aids Stockport!

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My Relief through the Hot Flashes

What is a girl to do when she is faced with hot flashes any time of the day or night? What is a girl to do when those hot flashes come and she feels like she is going to burn up. Oh, the struggle that comes about when I am dealing with hot flashes, the discomfort and sweat.

Without Manchester air conditioning, I don’t know what I would do. But, I get the chill that I need when I cool my home down. My family doesn’t know what they would do with me if I didn’t have the opportunity to cool the house down. They know just how moody a girl gets when she is burning up and can’t be cooled down. Oh, I wouldn’t be able to face my family with a smile on my face if it wasn’t for my cooled down home.

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